Am I gibberish?

I don’t know if people have trouble hearing me or am I eating my words or plainly gibberish but I’ve been asked several times to repeat myself.  And I’m annoyed! I don’t really like repeating myself, especially when I’ve already said too much. Have I made wrong references or I didn’t refer to anything?  Of course, […]

After being on hiatus

It has been weeks since I’ve posted.  Thanks to those who have been visiting my site, even when I’m not around. I don’t really write regularly.  And often, whenever I’m on holiday, I don’t post anything… at all. I’ve been too busy with stuff I needed to do.  Then, sorting problems and finding solutions.  Then, […]

English pa more…

Hindi ko ma-gets yung expression na “pa more” until I arrived. Few days into my vacation, I hear this expression on TV, from people I talk to, my cousins, etc. I guess this is a compliment?! I remembered a friend of mine said “sarcasm: either you get it or you don’t”. Is this sarcasm or […]

One at a time

Again, my OCD kicked in and I feel overwhelmed.  I have written down all of the things I have to do before my leave and during my leave (yup, it has come to it!).  My obsession on doing things a certain way has gotten into me.  I don’t know where to start.  I have prioritized […]

Burned out! (Part 2)

Now that I’m in a holiday mood and in my burned out phase, mixed with starvation (because it’s Ramadan), I have no tolerance for bullsh*t!  I just had it and I really need a holiday. Just a few minutes ago, one of my colleagues was giving me an earful… and I, in response, gave him […]

Ordinary Blabbering

I thought when I established my blog, I would write and share something profound.  Instead, I’m still the shallow, witty, indecisive, blabbering self, as always – in real life or in writing. Odd, but as the time past, although I’ve seen improvements in my writing style and my “grammar”, I still see childishness. Honestly, there’s […]

I write for me

Why do I write? Not that many people ask me this question.  In fact, most of my friends and acquaintances don’t know I keep a blog.  But it’s a question I ask myself time and time again.  I honestly have varied answers, but ultimately, the most important, I write for myself. I write to tell my […]

The Toast

I’m not really very subtle, but I will give this a try.  I’ve been known to be sarcastic but mostly, frank – it is more appropriate.  Sorry if it’s not too subtle. Note:  This is fiction… I’m not really insulting anyone.. not yet anyway! bwahahahahah! —- The Toast: It is a pleasure to be here […]

Of Patterns and Sequences

Are you aware of the numbers you encounter everyday?  I usually don’t.  I guess, because I don’t really notice it.  But when I’m aware, whenever I see numerical patterns and sequences, I ask myself “What does that mean?”. For those who follow Numerology, every number has its meaning.  Personally, I don’t follow Numerology nor Astrology, […]

Let Go and Let God

LET GO AND LET GOD 24 April 2016 Few years ago, I was undergoing through one of life’s many challenges.  I felt trapped, unhappy, unappreciated, taken for granted… in short, hopeless.  For months and days, I went thru my day like a zombie.  Just going through it, nothing else.  In a way, I was depressed […]


Indecisiveness is procrastination.  “Please… make up your mind”. Read Jordan’s post about God’s plan and I strongly feel, I am at that point. Waiting for God’s plan to be revealed, waiting for His plan to unfold.  What is God’s plan for me anyway? What’s His will? And although I pray, fervently and repeatedly, for God’s […]

Cheap Therapy

They say writing is the cheapest therapy. Most psychologists / psychiatrists recommend having a journal and write on it everyday. For a self-diagnosed OCD like me, I think having a journal just enhanced my OCD. I have to write everything, plan everything and organize everything. Even the most trivial, most boring, most unnecessary stuff are […]