Just Walk Away

I guess I’m sad because it didn’t happen.  I wonder if it would work out.  My brain’s wracking with “what-ifs”.  But in the end I just have to let go. No matter how much I wanted it.  If there’s nothing there, closure isn’t needed.  Just walk away, even when it’s the hardest thing you have […]

These Days

Hindi ko alam kung bakit, nandun yung gusto kong magkuwento tungkol sayo, meron din namang ayoko ni banggitin ang pangalan mo.  Hindi ko rin alam kung napapansin din ng mga kaibigan natin na pag ikaw na ang pinag-uusapan, nandyang tahimik ako. Pag nagkikita-kita kami ng mga kaibigan natin, di maiwasang banggitin ang pangalan mo.  Hindi […]

The Toast

I’m not really very subtle, but I will give this a try.  I’ve been known to be sarcastic but mostly, frank – it is more appropriate.  Sorry if it’s not too subtle. Note:  This is fiction… I’m not really insulting anyone.. not yet anyway! bwahahahahah! —- The Toast: It is a pleasure to be here […]

My Life in Writing

Being a planner, I make sure things are done properly and everything is prepared.  However, I don’t have what you call conventional planners / diaries or organizers (whatever you call it).  Believe it or not, I don’t really like to write what’s going on in my life, unless I get really, really frustrated. But I […]


Sums up what I feel today: I read somewhere that if you want to be happier, there are four words you need to add in your vocabulary.  It’s not that I don’t believe it, but there are certain phrases that are catchy and would love to keep it in my habits.  Success is over-rated.  I […]

How much should you charge as a Freelance Writer?

I’m curious.  I’ve been writing for years now.   I still don’t consider myself professional but I think there should be basis on how much I should charge for my service. From the post in the Entrepreneur Philippines (click here for link), you can actually make a decent living writing.  I haven’t gotten there.  And if […]

Inexpensive Ways to Feel Sexy

What I published in Yahoo Voices! Link below… 🙂 ——- All Women have insecurities.  It could be being too short, too skinny, too fat, too…. whatever! And for someone who hears this all the time, it’s tiring.  I am not perfect… way, waaaayyyyyyy imperfect. But when I need a confidence boost, I always do these: […]