Random Post: My Handwriting

Saw on Pinterest random posts of penmanships / handwritings and thought, maybe I can post mine. ¬†Feelingera lang!? ūüėõ Sorry, I haven’t been writing. ¬†Not much has happened. ¬†Actually, a lot has happened but I can’t post it. ¬†So I’m thinking of anything else other than what’s going on around me. Salamat sa mga nagpupunta […]

Valentine’s Day

I don’t want to sound bitter, but I’m one of those who have not celebrated Valentine’s – mostly by choice. For someone who had ¬†been in a relationship for more than a decade, it’s kind of unbelievable. ¬†But it’s true, I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. ¬†I’m one of those who avoid stereotypes and find […]

Random Writing: The Princess

Honestly, when it comes to stories, I don’t like princesses being rescued. ¬†It’s¬†stereotypical. ¬†Damsel in distress type of stories. ¬†That’s kind of boring. I like an orphan boy who discovered he can draw realistically that he was given a magic paint brush to make everything he draw come to life. I like a dragon who […]

The car with ribbons

My friend and I were walking one day on the beach towards a restaurant when we saw a parked car with tons of ribbons on it. ¬†He then said “oh, you shouldn’t have..” At first, I¬†was clueless as to what he was saying. But I¬†already saw the car. When I¬†finally got it, I¬†asked “you thought […]

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I honestly don’t know what to say and where to start. ¬†So I thought, I’ll just write down what I’m grateful for, that happened in 2016. 2016 had been a trying time¬†for me. ¬†True to the saying “when it rains, it pours”… I can’t really explain or discuss further what it is, […]


I know I blab a lot. ¬†And sometimes I don’t make any sense. ¬†But this is a whole new level. For a grown-ass woman such as myself, I cannot believe I still act like a love-struck teenager with a crush when I talk to a guy –¬† okay, so maybe I like him a little. […]

Am I gibberish?

I don’t know if people have trouble hearing me or am I eating my words or plainly gibberish but I’ve been asked several times to repeat myself. ¬†And I’m annoyed!¬†I don’t really like repeating myself, especially when I’ve already said too much. Have I made wrong references or I didn’t refer to anything? ¬†Of course, […]

After being on hiatus

It has been weeks since I’ve posted. ¬†Thanks to those who have been visiting my site, even when I’m not around. I don’t really write regularly. ¬†And often, whenever I’m on holiday, I don’t post anything… at all. I’ve been too busy with stuff I needed to do. ¬†Then, sorting problems and finding solutions. ¬†Then, […]

Burned out! (Part 2)

Now that I’m in a holiday mood and in my burned out phase, mixed with starvation (because it’s Ramadan), I have no tolerance for bullsh*t!¬† I just had it and I really need a holiday. Just a few minutes ago, one of my colleagues was giving me an earful… and I, in response, gave him […]

I write for me

Why do I write? Not that many people ask me this question.¬† In fact, most of my friends¬†and acquaintances don’t know I keep a blog.¬† But it’s a question I ask myself time and time again.¬† I honestly have varied answers, but ultimately, the most important, I write for myself. I write to tell my […]

The Toast

I’m not really very subtle, but I will give this a try.¬† I’ve been known to be sarcastic but mostly, frank – it is more appropriate.¬† Sorry if it’s not too subtle. Note:¬† This is fiction… I’m not really insulting anyone.. not yet anyway! bwahahahahah! —- The Toast: It is a pleasure to be here […]