India Trip

I’m not adventurous, but when opportunity strikes and I have the budget, why not give it a try?  Last year, one of the highlights was going to India.  My best friend (she’s Indian) invited me to a Church Conference.  At first I was hesitant since I don’t really feel like going and don’t have enough […]

Separation Anxiety

It’s not the departure that’s sad, it’s the “never seeing them again”.  One can leave anytime as long as I know they’ll come back. The uncertainty, the possibility of losing touch and not seeing the person, is what makes me sick to my stomach.  It’s what keeps me awake at night. The routine’s disrupted and […]

Random Post: My Handwriting

Saw on Pinterest random posts of penmanships / handwritings and thought, maybe I can post mine.  Feelingera lang!? 😛 Sorry, I haven’t been writing.  Not much has happened.  Actually, a lot has happened but I can’t post it.  So I’m thinking of anything else other than what’s going on around me. Salamat sa mga nagpupunta […]

Valentine’s Day

I don’t want to sound bitter, but I’m one of those who have not celebrated Valentine’s – mostly by choice. For someone who had  been in a relationship for more than a decade, it’s kind of unbelievable.  But it’s true, I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day.  I’m one of those who avoid stereotypes and find […]

Random Writing: The Princess

Honestly, when it comes to stories, I don’t like princesses being rescued.  It’s stereotypical.  Damsel in distress type of stories.  That’s kind of boring. I like an orphan boy who discovered he can draw realistically that he was given a magic paint brush to make everything he draw come to life. I like a dragon who […]

The car with ribbons

My friend and I were walking one day on the beach towards a restaurant when we saw a parked car with tons of ribbons on it.  He then said “oh, you shouldn’t have..” At first, I was clueless as to what he was saying. But I already saw the car. When I finally got it, I asked “you thought […]

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I honestly don’t know what to say and where to start.  So I thought, I’ll just write down what I’m grateful for, that happened in 2016. 2016 had been a trying time for me.  True to the saying “when it rains, it pours”… I can’t really explain or discuss further what it is, […]


I know I blab a lot.  And sometimes I don’t make any sense.  But this is a whole new level. For a grown-ass woman such as myself, I cannot believe I still act like a love-struck teenager with a crush when I talk to a guy –  okay, so maybe I like him a little. […]

Am I gibberish?

I don’t know if people have trouble hearing me or am I eating my words or plainly gibberish but I’ve been asked several times to repeat myself.  And I’m annoyed! I don’t really like repeating myself, especially when I’ve already said too much. Have I made wrong references or I didn’t refer to anything?  Of course, […]

After being on hiatus

It has been weeks since I’ve posted.  Thanks to those who have been visiting my site, even when I’m not around. I don’t really write regularly.  And often, whenever I’m on holiday, I don’t post anything… at all. I’ve been too busy with stuff I needed to do.  Then, sorting problems and finding solutions.  Then, […]