Blog Review: Just Wandering

Reading Nina’s posts and looking at all her pictures and videos, I wonder, why I didn’t have such a cool job? Okay, maybe that’s not her job but the fact that she gets to travel, wouldn’t that be something? Okay, so I wasn’t really that envious, I was more of…… see I can’t even describe […]

Blog Review: Men with Pens

Don’t get confused with the title.. (or was it just me that misread it?) haha! “Men with pens” is a blog / website that offers copywriting and website designing. They are from Canada. But that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from the all witty tips and cool graphics that the site offers. They authored several […]

Blog Review: Facebuko

A spoof of the very popular networking site – Facebuko gives a witty and humorous perspective on politics, current events and pretty much everything under the sun. Characterized by different people from all walks of life and profession, I love the light thoughts it gives to an ever stressful situation. I wouldn’t consider this site […]

Blog Review: 1:6 Sense

Simula ng tumanda ako (di naman ako tumangkad), medyo nawala na ang hilig ko sa mga manika. Cute pa rin sila tingnan pero di na ako naglalaro. Mahilig pa rin ako sa cartoons… but not dolls, particularly Barbie’s. Meron naman akong Barbie dolls nung bata pa ako. And magaganda sila. Di ko  nga lang afford […]

Blog Review: Get Real Post

Kung merong kayong gustong malaman tungkol sa Pilipinas in different Vantage Points (perspectives), basahin nyo ‘to. Merong mga nakakatawa, nakakainis. Lahat based sa opinion ng mga authors. Of course, before they write anything, they need to get facts first. It is different from news and journalism, because journalism relay news as it is, based on […]

Blog Review: Dusks and Summers

One veteran blogger. I assume she’s a woman. It just seems like it. Most of her works, pictures and opinions are posted in her blog. (kanya-kanya ngang diskarte yan). Veteran, because she has a lot of followers. I like what she wrote and it continuously make me ponder. They aren’t complicated to understand and they […]

Blog Review: Anti-Pinoy

Di ko man ito masyadong natututukan, me mga pagkakataon naman na gusto ko ring makialam at malaman ang mga nangyayari sa ‘Pinas. Pero di ko pa rin masasabing updated ako sa current events. Di ako mahilig sa news, ayoko kasi ng mga masasamang balita. Bukod dun, di ko hilig magbasa ng newspapers or even news […]