After being on hiatus

It has been weeks since I’ve posted.  Thanks to those who have been visiting my site, even when I’m not around. I don’t really write regularly.  And often, whenever I’m on holiday, I don’t post anything… at all. I’ve been too busy with stuff I needed to do.  Then, sorting problems and finding solutions.  Then, […]

English pa more…

Hindi ko ma-gets yung expression na “pa more” until I arrived. Few days into my vacation, I hear this expression on TV, from people I talk to, my cousins, etc. I guess this is a compliment?! I remembered a friend of mine said “sarcasm: either you get it or you don’t”. Is this sarcasm or […]

Hugot Lang

Okay… I’m not so much into dwelling into the past but this is bothering me, for which I don’t know why. Una kitang nakilala ng opisyal kang ipakilala sa buong Kongregasyon bilang isa sa mga pinuno ng simbahan – that’s about seven years ago.  Mataas ang tingin ko sa mga pinuno kaya nandun ang respeto […]

Manners Matter

I saw a Facebook post about other countries’ etiquette – what they consider rude and acceptable.  It’s fascinating.  I have long realized, that not all that is acceptable to me, is acceptable for others.  What I consider rude, is basically just part of speech for others.  Living in another country has opened my eyes of […]

Star Gazing

no one looks at the stars anymore.  the place is too bright – so many lights.  is that why it’s hard to see the stars?  i wonder if i can see random meteor showers again.  how many shooting stars will i see every time i look up? i used to.  there was an energy crisis […]

Holiday Mood

I’m not that adventurous… but I’ve been telling everyone I need a vacation – somewhere exotic, somewhere relaxing.  And although the Philippines is as exotic as it gets, I tend to drift somewhere further.  However, my family’s call is louder than the enticing and soothing nature’s call…. So in short, I have to go home. […]

Ligaw Tingin

Since we’re in a series of “relationship” topics, I started to wonder, what’s “ligaw tingin”?  I’m not gonna lie, I often give glances and second looks to attractive men.  I’ve got eyes and I’m not blind. However, when men give me the glance, that’s when I’m kind of oblivious.  More often than not, I tend […]

Commercial Christmas

DECEMBER NA!!!! Yehey?! Ewan ko kung ako lang talaga ang me ganitong pakiramdam pag sumapit na ang December o lahat tayo.  Stressed ako pagdating ng December.  Marami kasing nagpaparamdam pag malapit na ang pasko.  Me iba pa ngang nagsabi “Wag mo kalimutan ang Merry Christmas ko.”  Excuse me!!! Hindi ko naman sinasabing wag magregalo sa […]