India Trip

I’m not adventurous, but when opportunity strikes and I have the budget, why not give it a try?  Last year, one of the highlights was going to India.  My best friend (she’s Indian) invited me to a Church Conference.  At first I was hesitant since I don’t really feel like going and don’t have enough […]

New Year’s Resolution

I am not anymore into the whole “New Year’s Resolution” Thing.  I feel that if you really want change.. just do it (Nike!).  But it doesn’t hurt to set goals.  Goals are more attainable and without, I say, time constraints. Here is actually what I found in Pinterest that is doable.  I really believe I […]

Holiday Mood

I’m not that adventurous… but I’ve been telling everyone I need a vacation – somewhere exotic, somewhere relaxing.  And although the Philippines is as exotic as it gets, I tend to drift somewhere further.  However, my family’s call is louder than the enticing and soothing nature’s call…. So in short, I have to go home. […]


Sa mga di pa nakakaalam, naaadik na naman ako sa chatting.  At sa totoo lang, andami ng chat apps akong na-download.  Di ko naman lahat sinasalihan or di ako active.  Tinitingnan at binabasa ko lang ang mga activities at profile ng mga members. Like any other chatsites, di ka sigurado kung trolls (mga nang-aasar lang) […]