My observations

What do I see:

  • I see the way your lips twitch to an almost smile whenever you see me
  • I see how you light up when we meet
  • I see how playful you are around me
  • I see how attentive you are of me
  • I see and feel your stare
  • I notice your look when I say something impressive… something profound.  The look of admiration / the look of approval – the look that says “she keeps getting better and better”
  • I noticed how you stiffened when I dusted sand off your face
  • I notice your silence when you really want to say something
  • I notice your look and smile to an inside joke that only we get
  • I see my indirect influence on you
  • I notice the plan after plan you make that includes me
  • Your presence is so known, I crave for it.  I know we’ll see each other soon… like it’s a given
  • I notice you’re scared to touch me.  Yet likes it when I touch you.  You expect it – like my goodbye hugs and kisses on the cheeks
  • I know you missed me when I went for a holiday and you’ll miss me when you’re on your trip

What exactly do you want? Am I just seeing this?


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