Random Writing: The Princess

Honestly, when it comes to stories, I don’t like princesses being rescued.  It’s stereotypical.  Damsel in distress type of stories.  That’s kind of boring.

I like an orphan boy who discovered he can draw realistically that he was given a magic paint brush to make everything he draw come to life. I like a dragon who befriended a villager and eventually became guardian of the land.

It’s not that princesses are boring. It just feels like being a princess is entitled. It’s expected.  They’re fragile.

But when you read more about them, the more you realized how lonely being a princess can be. They are often set aside, they are looked at for breeding only. They are not entitled – they are slaves.

The responsibilities of being a princess are instilled in them since they were young. They have to act certain way, be quiet, and please a man. A man who would eventually rule the land and conquer even more.

As you read and write the stories you are fascinated about, the dragon who befriended a villager and an orphan boy who can draw everything to life, the princess seems to be envious of their lives. They get to live it while she roams the castles and aren’t allowed to explore what would be the world she would eventually conquer, side by side with her King.

I want a princess who runs, who conquers the world of her own, who makes her own decisions, and is content with what she has. Everything she has, she worked for it. Everything she has, she deserves.

The orphan boy who makes everything real gave her the tools to live with what she needs and the dragon looks after her, while she sees the lands.

I want that kind of princess. I want to be the queen.


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