Am I gibberish?

I don’t know if people have trouble hearing me or am I eating my words or plainly gibberish but I’ve been asked several times to repeat myself.  And I’m annoyed! I don’t really like repeating myself, especially when I’ve already said too much.

Have I made wrong references or I didn’t refer to anything?  Of course, there are times when it’s hard to catch up.  I probably haven’t referred properly to a person or thing, so people get confused.

But when I’m already mid-sentence (or mid-paragraph) and asked me, who was it again? what were we talking about? and I have to say it all over – that’s irritating.  Being interrupted is annoying enough, let alone repeating it.

My mom once told me, I speak too fast.  Maybe that’s why people have trouble catching up with me… hahahaha! Another person said, I’m too slang?! they can’t understand me anymore.  For example, the word “comfortable” – instead of saying /kom-for-ta-bol/, I say /komf-ta-bol/.  So I guess, they’re right?! I eat my words or letters.

Note to self then:

  • Enunciate… (I can’t emphasize enough).
  • Speak slowly
  • Speak clearly

This is how people get in trouble.



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