After being on hiatus

It has been weeks since I’ve posted.  Thanks to those who have been visiting my site, even when I’m not around.

I don’t really write regularly.  And often, whenever I’m on holiday, I don’t post anything… at all.

I’ve been too busy with stuff I needed to do.  Then, sorting problems and finding solutions.  Then, there’s the never ending cycle of going out without any reason.  And lastly, I just feel lazy.  Ahhh! The Usual Excuse.

Now that I’m back to work – back to reality, I still can’t promise I’d write regularly but when things are sorted and I got adjusted again (when the holiday mood finally wears off), maybe – just maybe – I’d be able to write anything inessential, not-so beneficial rantings.

I am beginning to feel homesick after being back for only 2 days… that’s normal.  I miss everything in Manila, even the non-stop rain (Habagat, we met again and you have always wrecked havoc).  I know I’ll be home again.  I hope sooner. 🙂

Hayyy! buhay OFW nga naman. 🙂

#thisismylife #buhayofw


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