English pa more…

Hindi ko ma-gets yung expression na “pa more” until I arrived. Few days into my vacation, I hear this expression on TV, from people I talk to, my cousins, etc. I guess this is a compliment?!

I remembered a friend of mine said “sarcasm: either you get it or you don’t”. Is this sarcasm or plain expression?

I get that sometimes… Actually a lot of times… I speak in English, even with fellow Filipinos. Hindi ito pagtalikod (naks, ang lalim) sa Tagalog. I just find that some times, I express myself better in English.

Some people may think I’m being snobbish or pasosyal. After a while, I brushed all of them off. I’ve also heard people say, nosebleed. Please, I can understand and speak Tagalog… There’s no such thing as “nosebleed”.

Now, what does it have to do with the expression “pa more”? My cousin just pointed it out. She said English pa more when I spoke to her in English.

To be fair, I never asked her to reply in English. And besides, English is just one of the major languages. That doesn’t make me or anyone better than the rest.

So if there are expressions I want to get rid of, these are “nosebleed” and “pa more”.  Jealousy and enviousness get you nowhere. Magpractice na lang kesa manghusga.




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