One at a time

Again, my OCD kicked in and I feel overwhelmed.  I have written down all of the things I have to do before my leave and during my leave (yup, it has come to it!). 

My obsession on doing things a certain way has gotten into me.  I don’t know where to start.  I have prioritized yet, I’m not satisfied.

I don’t really want to elaborate all the gory details of what I have to do and what I should do before and during my holiday.  Most of it are already taken care of and handled. But I feel that sometimes, there’s something missing.

I’ve always been stressed before I travel but only because I focus more on the stuff I need to bring.  But now that those are taken care of, it’s the stuff I need to take care of before I travel that stresses me.

For example:  Bills

  • Need to pay Internet
  • Need to pay Utilities
  • Need to pay Phone/Mobile data
  • Credit Card bills
  • Loans

And I know this can be done automatically which I am starting to get the hang on, but I feel that I still need a budget.

Anyway, that’s just me stressing myself again over something that are easy to handle.  I probably am just excited for my holiday that’s why I’m overwhelmed.

So now that things are already sorted and written, I have to take care of all of it, one at a time.  I need to keep ticking my checklist to know that I’m being productive, today until my departure.


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