Ordinary Blabbering

I thought when I established my blog, I would write and share something profound.  Instead, I’m still the shallow, witty, indecisive, blabbering self, as always – in real life or in writing.

Odd, but as the time past, although I’ve seen improvements in my writing style and my “grammar”, I still see childishness.

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with being ordinary, but I also want to do something extraordinary, something inspiring.  And if I were to base it from what I’ve written so far, I don’t think there’s anything extraordinary about it.

The past few days were also an indication of my laziness.  I keep telling myself almost everyday that I should write something, say something, but na-dah! Writer’s block – it is!

And from time to time, as you may or may not have noticed in my blog, I get the occasional bout with writer’s block. I have read countless articles, posted numerous quotes, drafted and erased several writing prompts, but nothing worthy to be posted.

Maybe I should revert to writing in Tagalog. Maybe  I should just keep my blog post short.  Maybe I should just settle with “blah” and not wait for the profound posts I hope to share.

I am not adventurous, nothing interesting about me, and I am bored.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t written anything.  *talking to myself*


9 thoughts on “Ordinary Blabbering

  1. I feel you. I think this is just one of the bloggers’ problems or whatsoever. I think it actually takes time (sometimes a loooong time) to improve. Maybe we should just need to keep ‘blah’-ing til we catch the “almost perfect” way to be extraordinary. 🙂

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