Burned out! (Part 2)

Now that I’m in a holiday mood and in my burned out phase, mixed with starvation (because it’s Ramadan), I have no tolerance for bullsh*t!  I just had it and I really need a holiday.

Just a few minutes ago, one of my colleagues was giving me an earful… and I, in response, gave him a piece of it.  I don’t effin’ care if they’re mad at him.  Don’t blame me for something I have nothing to do with.

You see, my boss is a “last minute” guy.  He procrastinates.  He tends to do stuff only when it’s time to do something about it… otherwise, it will be pending until further notice.

And no matter how much I remind him, ask him, text him, (all lines of communication), if and when he doesn’t feel like it, he’ll not do anything about it.  So for reasons I cannot control, when someone bugs me about something my boss should do and he didn’t.. it’s not my fault.

They can give me an earful all they want.  Ultimately, it’s still up to my boss.  So don’t blame me for it.  And apparently, since he got an earful from them, he passed it to me.  Sorry, but since I don’t take crap, he got an earful from me too… Poor guy!


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