I write for me


Why do I write?

Not that many people ask me this question.  In fact, most of my friends and acquaintances don’t know I keep a blog.  But it’s a question I ask myself time and time again.  I honestly have varied answers, but ultimately, the most important, I write for myself.

I write to tell my stories.
I write for entertainment.
I write for improvement.
I write for therapy.

I don’t really need an audience, but it wouldn’t hurt.  I love to read  other people’s inspirational stories too.  It’s time for us to lift each other up.  There are so much negativity in this world, why not be an inspiration instead.  It probably seems naive to see the world of what you hope it would be, and not as it is.  But seeing the positives in the negative isn’t naivety.  It’s all so inspiring.

I write my prayers.
I write my wishes.
I write my thoughts.
I write my revenge marketing plots (joke!) hahahaha!


Why else do I write?

I review my past.  I review events.  I re-evaluate my thoughts and ideas, and ask myself:  will it work?  Can I make it better?

I don’t want to be perfect.  Perfect means boring (that’s what I think).  I don’t want to be messed up either.  So to keep the voices in my head (schizophrenic?!) quiet, I write them.  Anything weird, anything joyous, anything bothersome, anything funny, even angst, I write them all.



Most days, they’re boring, some days are funny, other days you just want to throw the notebook in the bin (such negativity).  I love writing – for me.  I like to re-live, re-think, and rewind events unfolding.

I write to find my passion.  And if all else fails, I write to start over.





Images are copied from Google Images.  Credits to the owners.


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