I think it was last year (2015), when Azima and Steamie were here in Muscat for a holiday, my friend Vanita organized a picnic during one of the public holidays here and decided to go to the Sink Hole.  After which, we went to FINS beach, the golden sand beach here in Oman.  All 5 of us girls agreed and went on our way.  Thanks Nadine for driving us there. 🙂

After gazing and seeing the wonder of the Sink Hole, we went to the beach and had lunch – picnic style.  I then looked into the waters.  I saw an odd-shaped head, unlikely to be human, trying to stay afloat.  I stared long with confusion, trying to figure it out, when I noticed its circular rough shoulder.  I suddenly realized what it was.  It’s a head of one big-ass turtle.  My confusion suddenly turned to amazement.  I chuckled and gasped.  I excitedly said “Ooohhh, it’s a turtle.” and pointed at it.

Others then turned their heads to the water but they didn’t see it anymore.  It disappeared as fast as it appeared.  Nadine just brushed it off and thought, I was just kidding around.  My chuckle apparently made my statement unbelievable.

Few minutes had passed, we ate and chatted a while.  I thought the turtle spotting incident was just an isolated case.  After all, there weren’t turtles in that area (at least that’s what I thought).  But everytime I gazed into the waters, I see disturbances – splashes of water that was out of place.  There were a few more turtle heads popping out.  I don’t know if it’s my keen sense of observation but it seems I’m the only one who sees them.

I chuckle in fascination everytime I see the turtles’ heads popping out – in various sizes.  Like the first one, it disappears as fast as it appears.  Others are becoming puzzled, wondering why am I the only one who sees them.  Nadine then stood beside me.  Among all of us, she’s the most skeptic.  She even asked Vanita – one of my best friends – if I have really seen the turtles.  Again, my chuckle made my statement unbelievable.  Vanita vouched, “Yes, I do believe she saw the turtles.”

Nadine then said, “Show them to me”.
“I can’t show them to you.  I don’t know where they are.”  I replied.
“No, stand here and show them to me.”  Nadine demanded.  I just laughed… Oh Nadine!

As we stood there, I told her to just observe.  Be very observant.  Watch out for any out of place water disturbances – splashes of water – those were the turtle’s head popping out.

Not even a minute later, we saw a splash of water above the waves.  There, not too far from us, Nadine and I saw a small turtle head popped out.  I saw the look of amazement in her face.  She couldn’t believe it.  She then excitedly verified, “There it is… It was a turtle.

Others then stood with us, gazing in the water, watched out for disturbances, and saw few more turtles.

Too bad we couldn’t take a picture.  But no picture could ever describe the astonishment, excitement, fascination, we all felt when we saw the turtles in their habitat.  I hope we can go back for our next turtle-spotting adventure.


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