Of Patterns and Sequences

Are you aware of the numbers you encounter everyday?  I usually don’t.  I guess, because I don’t really notice it.  But when I’m aware, whenever I see numerical patterns and sequences, I ask myself “What does that mean?”.

For those who follow Numerology, every number has its meaning.  Personally, I don’t follow Numerology nor Astrology, Horoscope, etc.  I don’t really believe those.  However, recently, I can’t help but be aware of the number patterns and sequences around me.

Mostly, I see number “1“.  I brushed it off so many times, I never really thought of it.  But this year, it has become more frequent.  It’s as simple as looking at the digital clock with 11:11.  Or go for lunch and be back at 1:11.  Found a license plate number 1111 (this is very rare).

I can’t say all I see are 1s.  There are other numbers that I’ve become aware of – 4:44, 3:33, 5:55, 12:12, 12:34, 10:10 (time).  I also see numerical anagrams like 54845.

I don’t subscribe to numerology or other stuff.  I don’t really want to put meaning to it.  But if anyone has similar experience and what’s its significance to you, let me know?  I wanna find out what it’s about.


9 thoughts on “Of Patterns and Sequences

  1. Numerology is like counting calories of every or any edible stuff… It might be helpful in many ways, but you’d end up loosing your mind and just give up… =D I’d say 4 is my number..

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