Would She Have Still Said YES?

Carrying your cross.

davey blackburn

My counselor asked me this question during one of our conversations. He said, “Davey, do you think Amanda would have still said ‘yes’ to Jesus about moving to Indianapolis if she knew she was going to lose her life four years into it?” I really had to chew on this before I could answer him.

I’m not sure why that question caused me to ruminate for so long. Perhaps it’s because I’m not sure how many people would immediately jump at the chance to die for Jesus. How many people does He even ask to do that? Certainly not many! He normally just asks us to LIVE for Him. But die? So it stumped me for a moment.

As I sat there and pondered his question a few images surfaced in my mind. I thought about the journal entry she wrote after our last Sunday service at NewSpring:


I thought about…

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