Indecisiveness is procrastination.  “Please… make up your mind”.

Read Jordan’s post about God’s plan and I strongly feel, I am at that point.

Waiting for God’s plan to be revealed, waiting for His plan to unfold.  What is God’s plan for me anyway? What’s His will?

And although I pray, fervently and repeatedly, for God’s leading, God’s direction, of what He wants in my life, I am still at a loss.  A planner without a plan.

If I were to analyze every gory details about my likes & dislikes, what I’m good at & where I suck at, that would be time consuming.  I still haven’t figured out what they are.

I am at a crossroad… should I stay / should I go?  I am at the point where all the angles don’t look promising but I have to go through all of them head on.

So right now, I am procrastinating.  Praying for guidance, assurance and direction.  Avoid more life complications.  Uncertain of what to do next.

I pray to God that when I finally made up my mind, it will all be okay.  I do it all for the Glory of God.


2 thoughts on “Indecisiveness

    • Simplicity doesn’t mean easy. I know that I should just jump and do it. Again, it’s more complex than it seems. So let’s just wait and see. Thanks for stopping by. 😉

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