Cheap Therapy

They say writing is the cheapest therapy. Most psychologists / psychiatrists recommend having a journal and write on it everyday.

For a self-diagnosed OCD like me, I think having a journal just enhanced my OCD. I have to write everything, plan everything and organize everything. Even the most trivial, most boring, most unnecessary stuff are written in my journal.

That journal better make me feel much better within the next few months. Otherwise, I’m burning it.Β  Bwahahaha!


6 thoughts on “Cheap Therapy

  1. Hmmm…I didn’t think of writing as a therapy till you said it. Oo nga noh? Come to think of it, writing slightly relieves me of depression. Nakakagaan ng feeling. Hehe

    • Yup. Nakakagaan ng loob. Kahit di mo ipost or ifile. Pag puro angst ang sulat ko, i write it and throw them away. Pampalipas lang talaga ng galit! πŸ™‚

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