My Bullet Journal Journey

I have posted before how timely it was to discover bullet journal.  Now, the third month of the year is almost over, I have finished one notebook.  I am contemplating on buying myself another journal – a proper one, a filofax (so I could just put inserts), or make one myself.

I love DIYs especially those that I can do in the computer.  I am still old fashion because I still prefer writing everything, especially my to-do list in pen and paper.  Also, I’m not one of those who always have their phones in hand, so when a thought or an idea suddenly comes, I write it down.  The notebook is handier for me.



As my bullet journal (BuJo for the enthusiasts) journey grow, I found reasons, aside from the obvious, why one should at least have a journal.  Found these reasons in Pinterest (credits to the owner).  It is for:

  • Tracking Time. (to keep track of appointments)
  • Expense Tracker. (If you’re like me, I’m kind of an impulse buyer)  Since I’m trying to save, I always have a budget but girls will be girls.  I don’t shop a lot but I overspend.  So I can keep track of my expenses and cut down what isn’t necessary.
  • Journal.  (duh!) I am not really into writing my feelings and stuff, but now, when I want to rant, aside from publishing it in FB or here in my blog, I write it in my journal first.  I can trim down what I can post and what I can’t.  So there’ll be no regrets.. hehehe!
  • Gratitude Journal.  Well, not all days are bad.  We also need to see the beauty and goodness in every situation.  This helps me see the positive and also keep a positive mind.  It helps me stay sane.
  • Exercise Journal.  To monitor my exercise progress.  I have a love-hate relationship with the scales since I haven’t lost anything after one month of walking.  But I guess I got toned.  Most of my clothes are baggier.  That’s my consolation.
  • Quotes I love.  I love Pinterest… thank you so much.  But I can’t always be online, so I write inspirational quotes and verses – again, to help me stay sane.
  • Art and Doodle notebook.  If you’re an artist, you keep a drawing pad around, right?  For me, I just want to practice my handwriting.
  • Goals Journal.  I write here what I need to accomplish this year.  I haven’t done any yet… LOL!
  • Bucket List.  Same as Goals Journal
  • Writing Exercise.  Poems, Short Stories, or basically just practice my handwriting.
  • Language Journal.  I wanted to learn languages, particularly French, Spanish, and Mandarin?!.  I have to write anything that I’ve learned.  Although, it doesn’t help me sometimes.


If you want to see what I’ve started, click here.

I have managed now to put it in categories.  I don’t think I have done much yet, but the good thing about BuJo is, you can customize.

Bullet journal - dailies

Customized: My Daily To-Do List

graphing paper

Graphing Pad… Should I decide to make my own (DIY) Planner.

Weekly planner

My Weekly To-do’s


Note:  I made the inserts… Feel free to use it whenever you like.

To Download:


Hope you enjoy your bullet journal journey as much as I do.


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