Burned out

For the past few weeks (I think months), I have noticed a change in me… not just physically.  Physically, I have gained weight but more than the weight, it’s my motivation to work.

I have been stressed out over stuff I have no control and I guess, that’s what bothers me.

Signs I’m burned out:

  • I can’t wait for my holiday… I need it now, actually.
  • I’m rude and impersonal
  • I don’t listen
  • I rant / whine all the time
  • I care less
  • My day’s become more of a routine
  • I don’t look forward to work
  • I am not relaxed, I am tired all the time
  • I get complaints that my work is sloppy
  • I get complaints about how I treat people


I am not like this.  I think of myself every once in a while as prima donna but never like this.  I do feel and imagine myself as an antagonist.






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