Manners Matter

I saw a Facebook post about other countries’ etiquette – what they consider rude and acceptable.  It’s fascinating.  I have long realized, that not all that is acceptable to me, is acceptable for others.  What I consider rude, is basically just part of speech for others.  Living in another country has opened my eyes of that.  We are neither superior nor inferior, we’re just expressing our uniqueness.

Whenever I plan to go somewhere, I ask the host or someone who knows the host what the locals are accustomed to.  Adapting to their norm doesn’t mean you’re embracing it, you’re changing yourself.  You’re just being courteous… respectful – which you should be.

As I got older, I see contradictions.  I saw that the elders at times, don’t live up to the values they try so hard to teach us.  Should I just be happy they tried?

Manners can be learned, and respect has to be earned.  I hate it when the elders say, “you should respect me because I’m older”… sadly, you’re definitely not wiser.


What I consider rude (some of my pet peeves):

I don’t like it when they take food from my plate.  It’s not that I don’t share food, but you could at least ask.  So when I ask you what you want to eat, be truthful and don’t give a vague answer such as “whatever you want” and then take food on my plate.  I hate it.  It just gets me.

Talking in a different language when a foreigner is around.  You may not be saying anything bad, but for me, it’s still rude.  You are trying to exclude them.  If it’s something personal, talk about it when they’re gone or not around.

Making me wait.  I understand that there are situations you can’t control.  I am pretty flexible with this.  I also need to work on this.  But when I’m with a friend who kept chatting away, I get really impatient and would just leave them instead.

Whining.  urgghhhh! see?… me too.


Anyway, that’s just me… I need patience.


Please note, I’m not perfect and there are a lot of stuff I need to work on.  So if you can’t say anything nice, keep it to yourself.


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