Through the Storm

Gushing winds, heavy rains are all too familiar to me.  I grew up in a tropical country and storms are part of my life every year.  I have learned to lived through the storm.  In fact, life goes on even during the storm.

The past few days however, had been a trying time for me.  Having lived more than a decade at what other people considered a desert country, it is surprising to have continuous rain for more than a week.  The sky had been overcast – cloudy.  I felt dread.  And I can sense when the rain’s gonna pour.

So before it even hits the ground, I’m at my boss’ office asking permission to go home early.  I am not used to driving in the rain.  I am not used to driving through puddles at 80kph speed… it’s scary.

The storm has made everyone edgy.  Weather’s still gloomy for a couple more days, according to the forecast.  The lightnings and thunders frightened even the fiercest adults, I have known.  I don’t know whether to get scared with them or to smile at their childlike-ness.

In fairness, the thunders are louder and the lightning, well, it almost hit us (it’s not an exaggeration).  The rain’s stop-and-go status isn’t helping because whenever it comes back, it comes with a vengeance.

The storm definitely brought havoc, but the cloud formations are spectacular… it is amazing!



Too bad the most spectacular cloud formation I saw was while I was driving… 😦

Since rain’s still coming, I’d better prepare.  I have food stocked, water, as well as full tank of gas.

Lord, Keep us safe… and thank You for keeping us safe.


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