Wrong Side

Ever wake up at the wrong side of the bed? I woke up yesterday with this permanent frown and I’m pissed at everyone.  I don’t know why.  I guess, it’s just one of those days.

I have never been a morning person.  I consider myself an owl.  I sleep late, wake up late.  If it weren’t for work, I’d probably be in bed till 12noon.  But we all have to make a living.

Sadly, I feel that this “wrong-side-of-the-bed” moment had become frequent.  I get frustrated, easily annoyed / irritated, and I’m short tempered with everyone.

"Dang it."

“Dang it.”

I can’t always blame it on hormones, because I can tell, men get this too.  I really don’t have an excuse… I am just rude, impatient and impersonal.


I am blessed to have colleagues who are / or not patient with me.  They just ignore me and think “it is one of those days”.  I just hope I still tapped their good side.

Again, I can’t always blame the hormones, I can’t make anymore excuses.  Rudeness is just rude.  I don’t really like my mood.  Is it age-related? Ouch!

I really need to be mindful of what I say, and feel.  I need a VACATION.


#wrongsideofbed  #notamorningperson


2 thoughts on “Wrong Side

  1. Age related indeed..Or probably you are not as inspired as you are before. Sometimes you just need an inspiration to ease up everything that makes you feel bad or to at least ignore them and just focus on that inspiration.

    • Inspiration?! Haven’t found it yet. I guess, I’m tired of the routine and I do need change. But that’s something I have to work on.

      I still don’t want to admit it’s age-related… LOL!

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