New Look, Same Thoughts

This has nothing to do with new year.  It has been years, months, days, since I’ve tried to change my blog look, it’s time… My blog’s almost 5 years now.  Can you believe it?  I have also been contemplating about changing my site name.

But after few thoughts, few browse of the site’s free themes, I chose this theme.  It may not be as good as the old one, but I think I need a change.

My Blog is not just about my rants.  It’s about my adventures, my thoughts, my feelings, my life, etc.  And although you may find it boring (most of the time), I can’t trade what the experiences has taught me.

Anyway, I’m also planning to merge my “Chronicles of Bebekoh” posts to this site.  I would also try to change the site’s name to something simpler than “panobamagblog”. I’m open to one word site name suggestions (still free website though from wordpress).

In the meantime, enjoy the new theme… with the same old new me (that’s confusing 😛 ).



Note:  The Theme used to be “Inuit”


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