My Life in Writing

Being a planner, I make sure things are done properly and everything is prepared.  However, I don’t have what you call conventional planners / diaries or organizers (whatever you call it).  Believe it or not, I don’t really like to write what’s going on in my life, unless I get really, really frustrated.

But I think I need a little organization in my otherwise almost organized life.  I just don’t know where to put it.

I recently discovered bullet journal.  Very timely since it’s new year and I need to organize my thoughts in one big pile.  According to articles and posts, bullet journal basically is just that – bullet tasks.  Just write everything you need to do – goals, thoughts, ideas, appointments, etc. into one notebook.  It’s up to you to organize it by priority and legends.

Here’s mine… it starts with a year-at-a-glance:



Then write why I need bullet journal (What is it for?): (sorry for the blurry image)


Start the page with the dates and important stuff for the month:



Start the week with this… at least I know what I have to do and appointments:


note:  on the left is the legends for my bullet journal which I just started to get the hang on…


Then, write tasks and a bit of what’s going on in the day, like this:


After few days and weeks, I started to organize my stuff and write longer journals and more memorable stuff that I start to put categories.


Still not enough.  But hey, I’m just starting and so far, this actually works for me.


Here’s a sample of an organize bullet journal that I want to follow.  Found it in Pinterest (which came from Instagram): credits to the owner.


Just in case anybody asks what notebook I’m using, it’s just an ordinary spring notebook.  In fact, it’s free.  One of our suppliers (Siemens) gave it to me…

See! you don’t even need special notebook.  But if you’re one of those who like to collect notebooks, organizers, diaries, go ahead… I have nothing against people who wanted to have more than that and are more organized when it comes to thoughts and journals.  But this is something proven to have worked on me, so I’ll keep using it.



How about you? Do you use a journal / diary / organizer? How organized are you because I’m not.. yet! 😛




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