Why do I always have to give in?  Whenever there’s some stuff to be done, I always end up doing it… and eventually, doing it all.

I’d always have to give in to my parents’ request (more like demand), give in to friends’ favor, boss’ requests, etc.

Is it selfish to think of yourself once in a while?  If I stopped doing things altogether, do you really think I’d suffer?  I would definitely have the day off and some rest, and you’ll probably get over it eventually.  But I know that when I quit things, you’ll suffer for a while before you finally say, “okay, we need to do this”.

As much as I love helping out, when you’re unappreciated, when it’s expected and it becomes a burden, it’s taking a toll on me.  I’m grateful you see me strong-willed and knowledgeable… but of course, I also need help.

Sure do hope they see it through my eyes.  I want to give in, but I gave up instead.


* sorry for the rant, I’m just really tired.


10 thoughts on “Pushovers

      • Be firm. In the end, they will realize they cannot push you over anymore. Of course they will resent it at first, even get angry at you, maybe not talk to you anymore, ( your family will, eventually ) but if they are merely your friends, then it’s not worth your time being with these people. They are users. and ungrateful bitches.

      • actually, i have this attitude of letting things slide but when i explode, I don’t really care about others and just leave stuff pending – whether family, friends or work. I don’t want to get to that stage. which makes me wonder, how come i care so much while others care so little?

      • If they don’t care, why should you ? They really have to know what you really feel and stand your ground. But be ready with the consequences. If they start to shun you, so be it. they are toxic anyway, and make your life miserable. They are not friends. Lose them.

  1. Personally, you don’t have to be sorry about this post or wanting some time for yourself.
    Everyone needs that.
    Even the law requires that people who work get to have a day-off.
    If you have to explain yourself to people, I guess that would be okay. But to force you to go on when you couldn’t, then I think that should be corrected.

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