Scary thoughts about “laglag-bala”

As an OFW, I’m hesitant to come back home.  I’m paranoid about all these bad reports about the “laglag bala” schemes.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful or denying my ancestry (to those who are exaggerated), but I’m scared to be a victim of “laglag bala” (bullet planting scheme).  I feel that no matter how vigilant you are, no matter how careful, these unscrupulous airport officials and personnel just wouldn’t stop humiliating us and victimize those who are working decently.

And for what?  For few pesos worth, these airport employees set aside their integrity, their work ethics, etc.  How greedy can our airport personnel be?

Ooohh… too bad, they’re wages are small… too bad, they don’t have benefits… too bad, they haven’t gone abroad… too bad, they don’t have chocolates…

Do they really think OFWs live luxuriously abroad?  Do they really think we’re having a good life abroad?  Oh, and what else… limit your balikbayan boxes to Php 150,000 worth.  Most of the stuff in our balikbayan boxes are hand-me-downs.

Makes you feel bad for the Philippines.  Makes you feel ashamed that even your fellowmen would con you, in your own country.  Makes you feel scared to come back home.

I know that most news blow stuff out of proportion.  I also know that it could be exaggerated.  Rare case or not, it happens, and someone has to do something about it.  Otherwise, you will find most of your fellowmen outside the Philippines, would rather rot in the country they’re currently in than go back to their back-stabbing country.  It sucks!


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