Star Gazing

no one looks at the stars anymore.  the place is too bright – so many lights.  is that why it’s hard to see the stars?  i wonder if i can see random meteor showers again.  how many shooting stars will i see every time i look up?

i used to.  there was an energy crisis in the Philippines in the 90s (yup, that’s how old i am).  every night, it would take at least 3 hours of darkness.  neighborhood kids learned how to play in the dark, so did we.  i used to gaze at the stars and constellations, make patterns out of it.  i would count the number of shooting stars i see every night.  i saw at least 2 every night for months.

every time i look up, i felt at ease, relaxed.  mosquitoes would feast on me but i didn’t care.  i would just look at the night sky and i’m at peace.  i can see the small dipper, big dipper, Venus, Polaris, etc.  i became fascinated with astronomy, stars, the planets, and the universe.  It’s so vast.  We are just a tiny spec.

now, i can’t stay longer than 5 minutes outside.  i don’t see anymore shooting stars.  i don’t see the constellations.  Is it because it’s too bright or i just don’t want to be outside at night?

i miss the simple, good old days where star-gazing is relaxing. the stars shine their brightest in darkness.




7 thoughts on “Star Gazing

  1. This days, sa mga far-flung provinces ka na lang makakapag stargazing. sobra na yung light pollution sa mga provinces near manila. makes astrophotgraphy tough sa mga newbies like me.

    • ganda siguro ng camera mo… 🙂

      but yeah.. i noticed, na mas tahimik yung lugar, mas konti ang light pollution – mas maraming stars… nandyan lang naman ang mga stars, di lang natin makita kasi sobrang liwanag na ng paligid and so polluted. 😦

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