What’s your excuse… for weighing

One of the things people notice is how huge I am.  I eventually got so used to it, I already have a snotty retort.  Yes, I’m big.  Yes, I’m chubby.. etc.

Most of the time, it passes as a concern.  “we’re just concern”.  I appreciate the concern, but if you really are, making me feel bigger doesn’t help me lose weight.

Asians are typically slender.  So being voluptuous is a sin – a big No No.



No, it’s not because they’re lazy.  The most productive, most talented, most adventurous people I know happened to be bigger or as voluptuous as me.  So it’s not about exercising.  We could probably have added it, but that’s not the main thing.

It could be because of:

A medical conditionI have hypothyroidism which makes my weight balloon.  I could probably say that my hormones are fluctuating so even when I try to lose weight, it doesn’t work right away.  And I don’t really need to tell or explain people that – especially those who I don’t consider my close friends.  My real close friends and family don’t mind my weight.  They are concern but it doesn’t bother them.

Other conditions that could cause weight gain are post-cancer treatment, Hashimoto Thyroiditis, Depression, Hormonal disorders, etc.

Brokenhearted.  Two things could result from brokenheartedness – you could eat a lot or not eat at all.  Depression could really trigger it.

They love to eatFood is there to enjoy.  Food isn’t your enemy.  If you’re one of those who always count calories, sorry but we’re not going to get along.  I love food and I nibble it when the mood strikes.  Besides, anything in moderation is okay.


I probably am defensive.  But after hearing so many fake concerns about how I’ve gained so much weight and that I should exercise, lose weight, etc., I got tired and I just stopped.  You’re not helping and you’re making yourself look foolish, immature and discriminatory (at least for me).  I mean, who the hell are you to tell me what to do?

So before you say something in the likes of “tumaba ka ha! (you’ve gained weight!)”, “hiyang ka yata ngayon.” There’s a reason behind it.  And if we’re not close, chances are… I’d say mind your own F**kin’ business.


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