Holiday Mood

I’m not that adventurous… but I’ve been telling everyone I need a vacation – somewhere exotic, somewhere relaxing.  And although the Philippines is as exotic as it gets, I tend to drift somewhere further.  However, my family’s call is louder than the enticing and soothing nature’s call…. So in short, I have to go home.

It’s been almost a year since my last vacation.  I am happy the company I’m working for the past 8 years allows me to take a vacation every year, paid leave and free airfare – perks of working in the Middle East.

When you work in scorching heat for almost a decade, you tend to miss greenery.  I miss seeing trees, I miss road trips seeing rice fields left and right.  It maybe corny, but I miss those.  I miss the rain, drizzling rain – not the habagat-storm-signal type of rain.

And now that my vacation’s almost here, I feel lazy at work.  I always associate it with holiday mood.  I told my boss my sloppiness is actually because of my upcoming holiday.  It’s taking over me.  I need the vacation.  I must have a vacation.

I don’t have plans yet what to expect, what to do, where to go, once I’m home, but I am seriously considering going with some of Filipino backpackers for day trips.  If you ever get a chance to join, hope I can see you and organize an event with the Backpackers of the Philippines.



Note:  Sorry I haven’t been writing for a while. (again, holiday mood)… 🙂


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