Panic Mode

My colleague just expressed that she’s going to resign.  I understand and it’s quite inevitable.  Having 2 kids and work would definitely be hard to juggle.  I don’t have kids (not yet) but seeing her going through the rounds of just having her second daughter and her eldest daughter going to school, she and her husband can’t even keep up.

I guess, money wouldn’t matter anymore when it comes to family.  She can hire a sitter but it wouldn’t be the same.  Again, I understand.

Although I look cool… I’m panicking inside.  Who could I recommend and how can I find someone in few weeks time to replace her?  Though she officially resigned, it’s not approved yet.  It’s still up for discussion.  We have been looking for an assistant for a while, but we didn’t really focus on it.  Now that I will soon be alone, I’m pushing the hiring process urgently.

I may be getting ahead of my boss but I think I need this soon, and he might even ask me.  I’m pooling CVs for those who are interested.  So for those who have experience in Administration (Administrative Assistant, etc.), transcription, and available to travel abroad in about 3 months time, let me know…  email me.

Note:  I don’t hire the person, I just recommend them.  Just because I have your CV, doesn’t mean you’re hired… let me make that clear!


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