Ligaw Tingin

Since we’re in a series of “relationship” topics, I started to wonder, what’s “ligaw tingin”?  I’m not gonna lie, I often give glances and second looks to attractive men.  I’ve got eyes and I’m not blind.

However, when men give me the glance, that’s when I’m kind of oblivious.  More often than not, I tend to brush off, ignore or just didn’t put much thought over the glances I’ve noticed men give me.  I wouldn’t put too much meaning into it.

To emphasize:  it’s not that I don’t see / notice the glances, I just ignore the glances. 

When you’re in a relationship, you probably have seen these glances from time to time from men.  Dating coaches say that since men are more attracted to women who are themselves, real and sincere – and I guess, I’m in my most sincere, optimistic and myself, when I was in a relationship.

Now that I’m not in relationship anymore, my observation mode has heightened.  I started to notice even the most subtle glance or gesture men give.  Is it because I’m not brushing it off anymore?  “Ligaw tingin” can be tricky but apparently, a clear sign a guy is interested.  How would I know? I brush it off and ignored so many times.

So Ladies, how do I know if the guy is interested in me (us)?  Honestly, I don’t.  But deep in my gut, something tells me there’s more to the glance / gesture.  Here are some videos on how to tell if a guy likes you – men / guys, please confirm:


If you have more, kindly let me know. 😛


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