Divorce in the Philippines

Don’t you think it’s about time people stop being hypocrites and just pass the bill?  Tama naman ang sabi ng mga Annulment Lawyers, they’re not saying you should get divorced, they’re just giving the people a choice if there’s nothing else to be done.  If it doesn’t apply to you, why are you so oppose to it?

Rappler gave a compelling argument about Annulment and Divorce.  I am pretty sure, it will soon be passed, regardless of whatever the Senate and the Congress say.

I am all for the sanctity of marriage.  I really believe that if you marry someone, you are there for the long haul – for a lifetime.  But circumstances change.  And if all else fail, what can you do?  Do you wait for the other person to change?  Do you stay knowing eventually you’ll die inside and you’re miserable?

Bad marriage may not be grounds to end the marriage, but what then?  Would you prefer men or women commit suicide or kill their spouses just to get out?  Would you prefer they commit adultery and covet every men / women they meet?

How about the OFWs who remitted their hard earned money only to be spent by their spouses to other man or woman? What if they had children from another man or woman, would you still stay with your spouse knowing he / she cheated on you?

You loved the person.  You tried to work it out but it’s hopeless.  What would be your next step?

Just because the Divorce Law is there, doesn’t mean you have to get divorced.  It’s just there to give you hope that you can still live your life, married or not.  It’s your choice, whether or not to divorce your spouse… it’s not mandatory.


6 thoughts on “Divorce in the Philippines

  1. As long as the separation of church and state is just in paper, it will take a miracle for divorce to finally happen.

      • Optimistic as always, I like that. Cross finger, cross legs, cross dress, cross eye, i-cross na lahat ng pwedeng i-cross matuloy lang ang divorce law.

      • LOL.. lahat ng dapat i-cross, i-cross na… hindi pa yan, hangga’t si PNoy ang presidente. Wala naman syang asawa pero super oppose sya sa Divorce Law. Ewan ko ba… super bias pa yung mga criteria para makapag-pa-annul. kawawang kababaihan.

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