How sentimental are you?

The last time I went to our old house and clean, I can’t help but cry.  I am never the sentimental type.  In fact, we moved a few times, yet I never felt a connection with our previous homes.  I never had problems moving on.

With this house, this is the only house I felt so at home.  Like this is really our own place.  I loved it.  It had a lot of memories.  Considering there were more sentimental moments happened in the previous homes, this one made me feel like I really left home.  I cried while cleaning.  I just need to get it over with, that I went out as fast as I can.

But whenever I feel homesick, I still pass by the house just to see it.  I missed it.

We gave some of our stuff away.  And when I found out they haven’t took care of it, like we do, I wanted to take it back.  I have gone through a lot of our stuff.  I don’t even use most of it, but it’s hard to let go.

I probably felt the loneliness more when I realized, I’m on my own.  I know I’m independent yet knowing that I have only myself to take care… no one to look after and no one looking after me, it saddens me.

My family has gone through a lot at that home.  It will always be a home to me.


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