Christmas Party!

Christmas is also time for reunions.  And no matter how much we try to avoid, we still have to attend such gatherings.

Like what I’ve said in my earlier post, I don’t mind giving gifts but when it becomes an obligation, it’s not anymore fun to give – it becomes a burden.

But anyway, that’s not the only reason why I sometimes dread Christmas… it’s the party.  When did Christmas took the “Yuletide cheer” off? And when did Christmas become more about Santa, than about Jesus? – that’s another story.

As usual, during parties, you can’t help but meet the relatives and friends you try to avoid all year.  I for one don’t avoid them… I welcome relatives and friends… (they just avoid me. :P)


Aside from the usual “MERRY CHRISTMAS” greetings (to each other)… here are some unavoidable and inappropriate greetings you get during parties:

–  Tumaba ka!” (you gained weight!). 

It’s obvious.  I’ve always been voluptuous.  No need to rub it in.  So I usually reply… “Yes, I did.  No one loses weight in (the country where I’m at).”  They do know (and it has been proven several times)… most OFWs gain weight when they work abroad.  It just means we’ve adjusted well to our current location.

– “Wala ka pang asawa?” (you’re not married yet!?) or “Kelan ka mag-aasawa?” (when are you getting married?) or something similar to that. 

I know they’re just concern, so I often answer “Is it required? I mean, do I really have to get married?” or to shut the nosy people up “Later.  Once we’re done here, I’ll go straight to the chapel to get married.”

To those who are already married and have a child, “Kelan yan masusundan?” (when are you going to have another child?)

I have nothing against propagation, but this question is quite personal, in my opinion.  Having another child is the couple’s decision – not the ones surrounding them (in-laws, etc.)  So to answer that:  “Are you going to take care of her/him? If you are, sure… we’ll have him/her tomorrow.

–  Ang yaman mo na, siguro” (You’re probably rich!) or “Milyonaryo ka na noh?!” (you must be a millionaire now?!) – my most hated remark.

Being an OFW, it makes other people think (assume) you’re already rich, especially finding out how long you’ve been working abroad.  And although I usually brush it off, I really am not happy with this comment.  Probably because, for most people (at least those I encounter), think they can get a piece of it (ambunan ng grasya).

First, what I earn is mine, and what I do with it is my prerogative.  Secondly, if I’m rich, I wouldn’t be working abroad now, would I? (If I could only utter these words…)

So my answer: “Hindi naman masyado!” (not too much…) – just to end the conversation.

–  “Manlibre ka naman!” (Treat us!) – particularly in a restaurant or in a bar or to buy them something to drink (alcohol).

Kind of a continuation of the last remark.  Apparently, since you’re rich, you are kind of obliged to pay for your relatives’ and friends’ meals.  So my answer: “San yung pinatago mong pera?” (Where’s the money you asked me to keep?)


Christmas is still one of the happiest times of the year.  I don’t want to be the “Grinch” and ruin Christmas for everybody.  I am delighted during Christmas.  These are just some of the annoying questions and instances I don’t want to see at Christmas.

However, Christmas isn’t complete without the presence of family and friends who loves us.  So no matter how cringe-worthy, tactless, or annoying some of them may be, I am still glad to see all of them… 🙂



Note:  This is intended for humor.  It may be based on true story, doesn’t mean it pertains to you.  Bawal ang mga sensitive! If you can’t comment anything nice, don’t comment at all.





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