Sums up what I feel today:


I read somewhere that if you want to be happier, there are four words you need to add in your vocabulary.  It’s not that I don’t believe it, but there are certain phrases that are catchy and would love to keep it in my habits.  Success is over-rated.  I only want a competition with myself.

  • So Say “Yes” often.
  • Challenge yourself with “Will I…” questions, instead of “I will..”
  • Laugh everyday… look for funny YouTube clips
  • And give others compliment with “You’re right..

People are at their happiest when they help others. 🙂

Happiness is something that you share… not keep. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. haha gusto ko sanang mag agree dito na ito talaga ang dapat attitude para maging masaya e kaso tingin ko, effective ito sa mag asawa. hehehe. oo ng oo kahit hinde. saka yung you’re right…

    uhmmmm, minsan kasi… i think some people needs to have a big ‘no’ and ‘i’m not sure that i am right but you may also be wrong… ‘

    • just choose what you need to agree on… there are times when you have to say “yes” without compromising the quality of your work or the work itself… if it begins to stress you out, then you should say “NO”.

      “you’re right” only applies when the person is RIGHT. they don’t deserve a “you’re right” when they’re wrong.. unless you’re being sarcastic.

      thanks for the comment… please visit again! 🙂

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