Boys & Girls

I went to an English Tea Party (typical) a few weekends ago.  Haven’t done it and I was curious.  It was also a house warming party for our British friends.

Honestly, I don’t take hot tea well.  I need to go the toilet, if you know what i mean.  So I settled for cold tea, which is odd for them, but they didn’t care.

During random conversations, we noticed (and we didn’t mean it) that boys seated on one side, and girls in the other, considering some of them are couples.  We then asked each other when did we have guy/gal friends.  When you were young, you don’t think about it much… you’re just out to play… hey, you were kids.  So when did it start to get awkward?

I told them, when they start to tease each other, then things get awkward.  What age, they asked.  I said 10, while majority says 12.

It probably is too young to get teased with the usual K.I.S.S.I.N.G. chants, but I was 10 when I started to get teased.  Of course, it is more like a playful, sort-of adorable but annoying teases of classmates pairing you to a boy.  Then, it became awkward.  Suddenly, having guy friends mean you’re a couple (seriously!).

Things started to get normal for me again, plain platonic, when I got into my teens – 13 to be exact.  I have guy friends whom I consider my extended family.  We hang around, we go to each other’s houses, we eat each others food.

As an adult, I know it’s okay to have guy / gal friends.  But do you find yourself feeling awkward sometimes, especially when people sees it differently, like more than just hanging out?  For me, there’s distinction.  I guess, we just need to set boundaries.

I really need new friends! 😦






5 thoughts on “Boys & Girls

  1. I think things would only get awkward if you get affected with the teasing, and you only get affected when you have special feelings.. yuuuuuuuuuyyy! Haha

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