Foreign Followers

I am very flattered by foreign followers, but I wonder sometimes how they’d be able to understand my posts, especially in Tagalog.

Again, I am very flattered and I don’t mean to sound like a whiner (which I am in real life).  Although, I have posted a few here in English and I think I managed to convey my thoughts clearly, I still feel it isn’t enough and I feel bad for foreign followers who can’t understand Tagalog.

I have another blog which are primarily in English but I am not as open in my thoughts there as I am here.  I get to express myself freely with wit here than any of the blogs I have established…. and yes, I have quite a few, which makes it really hard to manage.

Most of my blogs have no theme, just like this one.  While those that are topic-specific, I get writer’s block.  So as much as I wanted to write posts in all of my blogs, I can’t but I do manage to keep “this blog” updated.

So for the new followers / supporters, thank you all.  I really hope you can understand what I’ve written here and find a bit of wit in each of them.  And for those who keep visiting my blog, long-time acquaintances and friends, thank you too.. you inspired me to keep my blog and my writing going…  Without all of you, I probably have deleted this site.


Speech itech! hahahah!


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