Vision Board

Thanks Abbey for the tip.  I love this.

Here’s my version of my VISION BOARD.

my Vision boardI hope when the time comes and it’s appropriate, I get to do all these things.

To enumerate, here’s what my goals are: (from top left to bottom right)

  • I would like to take up Master’s Degree in IT specializing eCommerce.  Nothing wrong with that.
  • Travel the world, one country at a time… one continent at a time.  Southeast Asia first.
  • Set up my online shop – which I already did.
  • Have my own tiny house… I don’t really care about the size, as long as it’s mine.
  • Have time to teach.  Teach what I’ve learned, teach what we can achieve.
  • Volunteer.  People are at their happiest when they help others.
  • Have my own family.  It will be soon.
  • Exercise.  When I had right flank cramps, I was advised to exercise.  I started last month at least 5 minutes a day.  What do you know? I currently lost 3 kg.
  • Save money…  currently saving for one of the goals, not enough though.. 😛

Hope you get to do your own vision board soon and share it with us.


5 thoughts on “Vision Board

  1. Nice board. I also have one and it’s my screen saver. As for saving money, read books from Robert Kiyosaki and Donald. Trump, you’ll be inspired. You can get ideas to have extra income source (which I do now). Good luck! 🙂

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