Filipinos’ sensitivity

PAALALA:  I mean no disrespect.  These are mere observations and opinions.  For those who get offended, please read the post again, before giving me a nasty comment.  Because if you do get offended, please don’t say anything you might regret.  Don’t show your stupidity in cyberspace.

Wala namang masama maging sensitive pero nakakatawa pag ibang tao na, particularly mga foreigners, na ang nagsabi at nagpamukha ng mga kamalian sa bansa natin, galit na galit tayo. Pinagkakaisahan at sinasabihang walang kwenta, racist, descrimatory, etc.

Pero ikaw, kapwa Pinoy, kung laitin mo ang ‘Pinas, ganun ganun na lang.  Bakit pag ibang tao ang nagsabi ng palagian nating reklamo, galit na galit tayo?

Here’s a link of a Anti-Filipino Singaporean Blogger posted in Kicker Daily.


Bakit pati kapwa natin Pinoy pinagkakaisahan natin sa cyberspace pag di natin nagustuhan ang sinabi nila tungkol sa ‘Pinas?  Most of the comments are mere observations, and whether or not we admit it, they are true.  Aren’t we entitled to our own opinions?  How would you feel if people just  bashed you for stating an obvious observation – a fact?

Di ba dapat, baguhin natin ang impression nila sa Pinoy instead of calling them names?  Nagmumukha kasi tayong mangmang, walang pinag-aralan, ignorante and tanga.  – again my observation.. no PUN intended.

Siguro dapat maging open tayo… we call ourselves open-minded yet the minute another person, foreigner or fellow countryman, says anything bad about the Philippines, the Filipino culture, Filipino food, or the Filipinos in general, we gang up on them, call them names, etc.  And what exactly did we do to better the Philippines?

Mga taong pinagkaisahan ng Pinoy:

  • Dan Brown for calling Manila “the gates of hell”.  Haven’t read the comments nor the book itself, but to react with such nonsense over a fictional book, that’s just sad.  I did get one heated debate with a friend because I didn’t side with him when he got mad at Dan Brown.  I told him “Oh you’re one of those people…” Of course, that didn’t please anyone.  I asked him if he read the book, which he obviously didn’t and would refuse to read because of the “gates of hell” content.  Dan Brown didn’t even dwell on the subject.  It’s just one page of the massive 115 or more pages – it was even just a portion of it.  I told him to read the book first bago mag-react.
  • Mr. Dancel who worked in Singapore and wrote his bad impression of Manila in Singaporean News.  Well, he did look ungrateful and very insensitive – considering he’s Filipino.  What a snob?! hahahah!
  • The Polish Traveler who didn’t like the Filipino food and would rather starve to death.  That’s what you get when you eat anything unsanitary.  Get yourself something cooked by a Filipino friend.
  • the Indian woman who bashed Megan Young.  Well, she deserves it.
  • And the one above…

Actually, I find the comments funnier than the post itself.  How Filipinos react is more outrageous than the hypocritical posts.

Before we react, we should read the posts carefully, thoroughly… See it the way the poster sees it.  What do you think they really feel before we get mad  enraged by part of their comments or post.  Maybe we just misread it or didn’t understand it.  Because honestly, this patriotism we brag about, isn’t patriotism at all.. it’s idiocy.


13 thoughts on “Filipinos’ sensitivity

    • Ewan ko ha, pero tingin ko kasi, kung di ka nakiki-interact sa mga other nationalities, mas “mayabang” – I would say, ang dating ng mga Pinoy. Those who were married or have friends with other nationals are more open-minded.

      Iba naman ang problema na binibigay ng mga kababayan nating ganun… Kayabangan at kadamutan “daw”.

  1. That’s true. * although I don’t know if I have the right to have an opinion on the Philippines as an American. ” It’s a natural reaction, though. We bash our own with impunity, but get raging mad when a non -cirizen agrees, and worse, voices out his/her agreement.

    For example, I am totally appalled at the corruption that’s going on there…. what’s more appalling is the fact there are even people who support the corrupt officials. Can I say something? the sight of those people rallying in support of these corrupt officials is gross and disgusting. But of course, Filipinos can say , oh, you, Americans, you’re racist, you enslaved and segregated the Black people because of their dark skin. But my parents say Filipinos, or Asians , in general,are prejudiced againts people with dark skin. Proof : Proliferation of skin- lightening products.

    Don’t hate me. I love the Philippines.

    • Hahaha! I dont hate you… You have very valid points. It is appaling that we support corrupt officials. As much as we want change, it’s not happening soon.

      Im trying also to convey for us to be mindful of the reactions, thats why I wrote a warning above. I laughed at some of the idiotic and very vulgar comments written. Very offensive…

      It’s not the posts thats controversial… Its the comments.

      • Well, of course, if a foreigner has nothing good to say about a country he or she has just visited, it would be more prudent not to say anything at all. I’m not saying the person has no right to state an opinion, , but that Polish person ‘s opinion on Filipino food is out of line , and aggravating, and totally insulting and the Filipinos have every right to bash that idiot.

  2. kapag tayo tayo ang nagsisiraan, wala lang. pero kapag foreigner ang nakapansin galit na galit tayo, e totoo naman.

    yan ang hirap sa mga pinoy. wala sa lugar ang pagiging ‘makabayan’. sana ganyan din tayo kapag corruption ang usapan (yung tipong handang pumatay ng senator kapag nagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan).

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