No Comment

Merong news channel (I’m not sure if it’s BBC or Euronews) na merong segment called “No Comment”.  Puro videos lang sya ng headlines nila.  Walang commentaries, walang voice-over.  Kind feels like you’re in the area and you are mesmerized with the view.

Pero since news, more highlighted yung mga pangit na news – mga strikes, war zones, parliamentary debates in-progress, etc.

Pero pagdating sa mga blogs and articles, I prefer merong comments.  Comments confirm, verify (make or break) the story / article / post / blog.  It’s quirkier (tama ba ako?) lalo na yung mga trolls and bashers.

Minsan mas interesting pa ang comments kesa sa mismong post.  Away na ‘to!!!

I remembered my post in DF, dami ring commenters pero merong isa who said “Shame on you”.  He obviously didn’t read the post… hahah!  Yung mga ganun…. dala ng matinding sidhi ng damdamin, nagre-react muna bago mag-isip.

I like the posts… but it’s more interesting with the comments.

So how’d you find YOUR comments?


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