Two-Sentence Scary Stories

I bumped twice to a link with compilation of two-sentence scary stories.  Problema, the first time, I didn’t copy the link.  So when I found it again, I copied the link… LOL!

Here’s the link:  CLICK HERE

Yun nga lang, mas nagustuhan ko yung mga succeeding stories – yung mga nasa comments.

Here’s a compilation of two-sentence scary comments, from the link  (one that really spooked me out!):

Dr. Giovanni Sensei
–  My husband finished shaving in front of the bathroom mirror, rinsed his face and dried off. As he reached for the light switch by the door across the room, I could see his reflection pressed against the glass, leering…

Christopher Bernard
–  Lying in bed, i saw a single shadow of a man. The power is out and I’m home alone

–  You walk into your mom’s room. She’s naked.

–  “Knock knock,” says the stranger on the phone. “Who’s there,” says the voice behind you.

–  I awoke late one night to grab something from the fridge, only to find my family at the dinner table. Silently starting at me and grinning from ear to ear.

Allie Cooper
–  I’m used to hearing my name being called in public. Until one day, when I was alone at home.

–  I turn of my lights to go to sleep, i then get a phone call. A raspy voice says, “just because the lights are off doesn’t mean i can’t see you.”

–  It was a charming photograph, with little children laughing and playing on a lush, grassy landscape. But the glass of its frame keeps breaking open, and with each new hole in the glass, one more child is missing from the picture.
–  It’s unsettling to see a stranger staring at you from afar in public. What’s worse is seeing the same person staring at you from your front porch when you arrive home.

Nick Druziako
–  I stare deep into the darkness, and realize something is staring back at me. The hair on the back of my neck stands up, as I realize that it’s right behind me.

Javier Romero
–  After telling scary stories at the campfire, they told me to put the fire out. Just as I poured the bucket over the logs I realized, by their pale hollow faces and the way they grinned at me, that I was the only one alive in the group.

–  I’d always liked the large portrait of my great grandmother, it reminded me of better times. That was until she stepped out of it, screaming.

–  I decided to sleep in my abandoned (dead) parents house for the night & I was deeply disturbed by the face staring at me in the paintings across the bed. I woke up to see only windows where the paintings were.

Desiree Vaitkunas
–  The storm outside that night flashed lightning through the windows of the locked hospital ward and the lights flickered. Looking out of my room, and down the hall i could see her, head down and moving slowly while i stared in shock until she raised her head and rushed towards me, still floating just above the floor.

–  “I can’t move, I can’t speak, I can’t let them know I’m awake. They begin to operate.”


Okay.  Some of it may not be as scary, but still… it’s spooky.

I couldn’t get to the end of the comments… they’re just too many.  So if you really want to scare yourself, just visit the link above where I wrote “click here“.

Also, visit Two Sentence Stories, and submit your two-sentence stories.

Let me know what you think. 🙂

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