Annoying CVs

I don’t work in a recruitment or HR dept, nor do I work as a hiring consultant.  Working directly with the HOD actually allowed me to look at several CV formats, for admins, techs, and professionals.

Now, I have OCD (I haven’t been diagnosed but I think I have), and I don’t mean to be critical with other person’s CV (Curriculum Vitae).  But when applying for a job, make your CV impeccable.  AS IN! please.

I have been critical of myself when it comes to CVs and other desktop publishing.  I did a bit of graphics design in the past (and forgot most of it) so you can just imagine how annoyed I am to see in-formatted CVs, different font styles (without emphasis), different font sizes, wrong spelling and grammar, etc.  If you are newly grad or looking for a new job opportunity or even supplying personal details to a prospective client, and you see a CV format like that, would it give you a good impression?

Sure, format’s not as important as the content.  But would you read the content if it’s all jagged or poorly formatted?  There are also other information that aren’t necessary.  It maybe when they need further details.

I see the difference in the Philippines and overseas when it comes to resume format.  I have to admit I am a bit detailed when it comes to descriptions, which is what the Filipinos and most Asian countries prefer.  But overseas, they want to basically just stick to the point.  No need for personal details or picture as it is grounds for discrimination.

Here’s an example of a Bad Resume:


I get CVs worse than this.  It’s actually more understandable compare to what I have to endure.  My eyes burn.

Now, if you’re a graphic artist, I feel these CVs are great… but others think otherwise.

resumedesignsart3 resume-design-3 resumedesignsart1

Just a suggestion, unless you want to strain your eyes or your future employer’s, please make your CVs simple, neat, formatted, and most importantly, easy-to-understand.  They don’t need flowery words to know you’re qualified for the job.

I have a motto:  If I can’t understand what I wrote or don’t like what I see, I do it again, until I’m satisfied.  Because if I don’t understand it, other people wouldn’t too.

Please keep it in mind, for future reference.

Here’s my CV… it’s not as elaborate as the CVs above, nor is it a portfolio.  I can be a bit critical but mine, I would say, is typical CV format.  Simple.


16 thoughts on “Annoying CVs

  1. whahahahahah laftrip! hahahahaha ulit. kala ko worst na un mga piniktyuran ni ate na CV na pinasa sa company nila. pero un naman ung content ung laftrip, pero eto panalo sa format 😀

      • meron pa nakalagay dun na job experience taga autoload at smart load whahahahahahah achievement sumali sa little ms. Philippines hahahaha sana kung pageant sinasalihan nya kaya lang walang connection sa position applied e

  2. I am (actually was) an auditor and for me, as I was reviewing people’s backgrounds and papers, a simple CV is ideal. Pero some people involved in arts usually do that, yung may designs na idk di naman masyado kailangan since they have portfolios naman. -.-

    • if they have a link of their website, i think that’s sufficient… no need to make their CVs decorative. It helps but it’s more in the details than the appearance. that’s just me.

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