Usapang Pera

I downloaded a book titled “Usapang Pera – Guidebook” from the PDIC website.

It’s suppose to explain the PDIC function and what depositors can do with their money aside from save.

I admit I haven’t read it, I just downloaded it.  But the title is interesting.  Makes me want to read it right now… (nahhhh!).

I haven’t even finished reading “Your Money Counts” which is a biblical perspective on money, savings, investing, etc… But “Usapang Pera” has illustrations.

So if anyone of you have finished reading the book.  Let me know and give me a summary.  At a glance, it does look interesting.  And I, being a finance major, made me curious – but not to the extent of reading it right away… hahaha!

Let me know what you think about money!!



To download the book, visit  It’s on the right side of the home page.

NOTE:  I am not endorsing it… just got me curious.




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