Traffic Violation Cameras for installation

CCTVs? Cameras? Radars? What else can we do to minimize traffic as well as Violations in Metro Manila?

Apparently, Manila will install traffic violation cameras to minimize “Kotong” traffic enforcers.  It’s about time.  But I doubt it.

Not to be a pessimist, I know this will work… But unfortunately, most motorist (not just drivers) don’t know the traffic (road) rules and regulations.  Most of us get licenses even though we don’t really know the rules – like the signs, basic turns (left and right), right of way, etc.  Just because we can drive doesn’t mean we can get licenses.  And these causes a lot of confusion to drivers.  Accidents happen everyday, and we blame people who clearly know the traffic rules and require them pay for damages caused by the other party.

Yes, we have CCTVs but even traffic enforcers aren’t aware of the traffic rules.  Example, when turning left, you have to be in the left-most lane, when all of a sudden a rider passed you.  he was going straight… shouldn’t he be on your right? and when you hit him, it’s your fault… seriously?

Aside from that, what’s the use of insurance, we can’t even use them.  The insurance companies say we need police report.  Traffic enforcers take forever to investigate, because clearly, they don’t know the violation.  In the end, we just pay for the repairs.

I am thankful I have managed to get my license internationally where the existing traffic rules were implemented to a fault (somewhat!).  I have managed to memorize most of the traffic signs and basically drive a lot (safer?!) smoother.

Once an accident happens, upon seeing the impact, the traffic enforcer already knows who is at fault.  Add CCTV to that.  Since traffic enforcers write the police reports almost immediately, you can file your insurance claim the same day.  Just wait for the call from the insurance companies when to take your car to the shop and have it ready within a week or so.




In the Philippines, Riders own the road.  They have disregarded traffic rules and are rude when reprimanded.  Duh!

I suggest download standard traffic rules and regulations online and read it…. TRY TO UNDERSTAND IT.  That’s what would minimize the traffic in ‘Pinas.

Also, whether you’re driving or not, maybe we should include DRIVERS EDUC in the curriculum…. you have no idea how frustrating it is to see undisciplined drivers and pedestrians – pedestrians who cross everywhere, A**hole bus drivers, rude Riders, Smoke-belching jeepneys, colorum FX taxis, etc.  Please, please, please… this is causing me headaches.



3 thoughts on “Traffic Violation Cameras for installation

  1. I still believe that the best way to solve this is simple: being a responsible, law-abiding citizen. #alwaystrafficsacavite

  2. I think this “we should include DRIVERS EDUC in the curriculum” is the solution to the traffic, not cctv or whatsoever. Both motorists and the traffic enforcers should be well educated on traffic rules and regulations.

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