In Need Of….

I haven’t been myself for the past few months.  (only venting)

It’s not like I did it on purpose.  I feel disconnected – to my friends, to my family, to the world.  I talk nonsense all the time.  I get entertained with the usual chat room chit-chat which eventually grew into friendships.  I haven’t even made an effort to write on my blog, which sucks!

I felt this is what I need.  I feel stressed of the future – I need assurance (like that exists!)

–  Extra income.  anything online.  So if you can suggest something, part-time, online… let me know.  I already registered for Fiverr and 199Jobs.

–  Inspiration.  I do have something to look forward to, but I wasn’t as enthused as I was suppose to.

–  Vacation.  I’m so jealous.  Most of my friends are going for holiday.  I will endure the scorching summer heat of the mid-eastern desert heat… at 50 degrees Celsius.

In need of stress relievers.



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