Foreign Encounters

met a guy during a course.  i could have sworn i told myself i would probably not get along with this guy or any other guys like him.  that was the first day.  being one of the minorities to a western-dominated environment isn’t new to me but it made me uncomfortable.  i thought i am an odd girl out.

this guy hadn’t even realized that he’s rude.  i mean, who compares a girl they just met with their ex… well, he’s not the first… i’m always a guy’s ex… “you’re kinda like my ex…” shouldn’t be a surprise.

first weekend came to a month long period, we went to this beautiful place beside the beach and decided hey, let’s get wild.  this guy who apparently introduced himself to most of us as an a**hole turned out to be not such an a**hole after all.

he was a tipsy when he asked me, if i have a boyfriend… i said, i had… and asked me how old i am, (again, rude!), i told him honestly, and how long was my relationship with my ex… i told him its long! he was shocked.. and asked, why didn’t he marry you?… “ask him, not me..”

after a while, he got drunk so as the others, and i being the only sober among the drunks.. he asked me my type of guy, now that i’m single.  i told him, i have no particular type as long as i like the guy.

“you must have some type, do you prefer whites? what about the height?”…

i said, “he must be taller than me of course, basically because i’m short.. at least 5’8..”..

he’s like “damn, so i’m not qualified then. i’m only 5’7..”  i looked at him with this puzzled look, thinking “duh!”..

he said.. “you know, because i sit close to your place so i could see you..” (now, that’s beer talk!)…

but regardless, he’s been protective of us – the only guy in a group of girls and i being the only sober in a group of drunks… that was the first week.



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