Open Letter

Dear ________:

It has been a while.  You’ve lost touch with me.  I noticed you never seem to be contented, and that you always worry.  I know I shouldn’t interfere, but maybe I could help.

You have to understand these things should happen to make you stronger. You know you won’t be having this if you can’t handle them.  Why do you worry so much? You are much stronger than this.

You don’t talk to me as often anymore.  You resulted into looking somewhere else to fulfill you.  You feel that the world is on your shoulders and maybe it is… until you feel that you can confide in me.

I am not here to judge… nor say “I told you so…” I know how it feels.  Setting bull**** aside, how are you, really?

What I said before are my mere observations.  But you never talk to me, all of it was a guess.

I hope you feel that you can always come to me. I can’t promise solutions to your problem, but I can guarantee that we can get through it together.  We both just have to be patient and encourage one another.

I can’t guarantee I won’t whine… you know me too well… but knowing that you will be there beside me is enough for me to make it through everything. So far, you have never let me down.  People around me did, but not You.  You are always on my side.

I can make it… we can make it. Keep your head up!

God bless and hope to hear from you soon.

See you around.


–  Anonymous


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